Biggest mistake of my life

Because understanding time famineand how valuable each day is is what led me to this realization. We all said goodbye to one another, and I was last in line to pay for our games.

Had I never made such a huge irreversible mistake, I can only guess where my view of women and dating and relationships would have taken me and how it never would have changed the way I looked at life and those with whom I shared it.

Sid Savara

Now yes — that sounds vague, but let me give you some more details of why it matters, concrete examples and action steps. No reason to get cold feet now. The darkness consumed me as I questioned my very abilities to do anything healthy for me or my child then or in the future.

We never swiped anything but the ridiculous: Do I always walk in the house, sit down and turn on the TV? A hundred and fifty dollars. Often we look at something and weigh the monetary, currency costs because those are easy — the price of the item is right there.

Make sure to find time for those. I have no way to know just how that money could have affected him and his treatment or lack thereof. But not once did we follow through on those plans because we were too busy.

An hour before I had finished bowling with my brother and our usual posse. I have no way to know who he was.

We enjoyed stealing things and then showing off what we stole. And believe me, I have tried. You just never know. I have an incredible child and a gratifying relationship with him. I have an incredible career as a writer and blogger.

Why did I keep it? And, I probably would have always believed that true financial security was never more than one dishonest act away. That was the path I was on. We stood to make lots of money in the years ahead. If it could go wrong it did.

The Biggest Mistake I Made In My Life

Get the full series via email along. I remember sitting back in my chair at work, wondering what I was doing. She tried to make it work with me. That was the path I was on. I figured it must not be God to hear such a reply.

Abortion was “the biggest mistake of my life”

Had I never made such a huge unfixable mistake, I can only guess where my little stealing games would have taken me and how it would have changed the way I looked at life and worked through life. These are the three biggest mistakes of my entire life, and how they changed and continue to change everything.


Find out more at: If it could go wrong it did. This is part 2 in the How to Control Your Time series. When he was 3 years old, watching a movie with him was a chore, because he would analyze every aspect of the plot.

Their ups, their downs, their successes. I felt such a heavy responsibility as a father for my mistakes that I have made every move possible to put my child first and be an involved and loving father. Simple because, we just need time for ourselves. But in the end, it was one giant and colossal mistake that was doomed from the beginning, and that marriage ended only one year later.

We sold that business to buy another. And what if that money could have made the difference? Mistakes for which I will always be thankful.

So why do we allow it to happen to ourselves.May 07,  · Know the big financial decisions in that year, be careful not to overspend, and watch out for unscrupulous people who may try to take advantage of you.

My biggest mistake or regret in life is not making MONEY my number one priority (after Health). Instead, I spent most my life chasing and believing in idealisms such as.

"This is the biggest mistake of my life," Burgess says in tears, with her arms wrapped around the woman. As the woman tries to comfort Burgess, she tells her that she works as a nurse and never understood how something like this could happen.

Dec 14,  · It was the biggest mistake of my life. No matter what suffering the pregnancy would have involved, it couldn’t have been worse than the suffering I have had since. I am now desperate to become pregnant again.”. The Biggest Mistake of My Life “Daddy, what’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made in your life?” This was the question that Ron Edmondson’s son asked one day.

Feb 04,  · Re: Biggest Mistake of My Life!!!!! You cheated because you put your own wants and needs ahead of your husband's in an act of selfishness. When he looks at you he sees you doing untold acts with another man.

Biggest mistake of my life
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