Exotic animals shouldnt be pets essay

My spiritual journey essays on love. Although owners of exotic animals might believe they are not doing anything bad, in fact such a practice should be prohibited due to a number of reasons. Contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitators — you can search for them by zip code at wildliferehaber.

Find Out Your Grade If the previous paragraph did not persuade you, consider the danger of biological contamination. You can even sponsor a specific animal and receive report about its progress.

Exotic Animals

People get injured and killed each year by wild animals in captivity. Such animals belong only in zoos or in the wild, not where they pose a public nuisance and a threat to public safety. If you need to find a new home for an exotic animal, please search for an organization near you at Petfinder.

Wild animals should remain in their natural environment - for their best interest and ours. If you see an animal who looks abandoned, neglected, or in distress, please call local animal control or law enforcement. About 25 percent of both imported and domestically-bred macaques are reported to have had the herpes B virus.

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Not just for a year or two, but for 25 or 50 years?

Why People Should Not Be Allowed to Keep Exotic Animals as Pets

For example, wild tigers need a large territory to roam around in. Born Free USA notes that 80 percent to 90 percent of all macaque monkeys are infected with Herpes B-virus or Simian Ba virus that is harmless to monkeys but often fatal in humans.

Wild animals cannot be domesticated. Even if the wild pet can be handled by its owner, consider what may happen if an emergency occurs and rescue personnel must enter the home or the animal escapes.

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We are not only referring to the eccentricities of some celebrity owning a lion or a tiger. Moreover, they spend a lot of money and time taking care of their pets. Other owners may try to find a zoo, institution, sanctuary, or shelter that will accept them.

In another case, a Bengal tiger has bitten off an arm of a four-year-old boy. Animals are often housed in places such as basements and garages, environments completely lacking stimulation or enrichment.

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Some other animals are dangerous, and would be happier in the wild. Other species are not safer.Should exotic animals be kept as pets essay. 21/11/; Jesus self identity essay research paper on internet banking what really matters in life essay essay on jim crow law, animal farm moral essays essay rencana studi lpdp dikti.

Essay including references in a paper.  The Dangers of Owning Exotic Animals as Pets Dawn Patton COM/ October 06, (Essay Plan) keep animals in cages for entertainment and profit purposes.

Some people say that caging the animals is a money-making gimmick and it is unethical as it deprives them of their freedom.

However, there is another problem that has not been paid enough attention to—this problem is keeping exotic animals as pets. Although owners of exotic animals might believe they are not doing anything bad, in fact such a practice should be prohibited due to a number of reasons.

Exotic Animals as ‘Pets’ The exotic “pet” trade is big business. Selling protected wildlife in stores, auctions, or on the Internet is one of the largest sources of criminal earnings, behind only arms smuggling and drug trafficking.

However, many people acquire exotic pets. Owning an exotic pet is a cause that most people do not think about, because it doesn't directly involve them. Yet, it does affect society in a way because of the effects owning an exotic animal as a pet has on the community as well as to the animal.3/5(2).

Exotic animals, even those bred in captivity, still possess innate social and physical needs, and require mental stimulation that cannot be provided in private homes. Many animals naturally live in colonies, yet are kept as single pets.

Exotic animals shouldnt be pets essay
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