Impact of computer in tourism

Information contained in, and generated by, hotel reservation systems is an invaluable source of marketing information and can generate mailing lists, client profiles and preferences.

Technology Used in Hospitality & Tourism

Like many service industries, the travel agency business is evolving to adapt to new technology. Electronic data interchange EDI is an open and essentially cooperative technological infrastructure. Price Price is the only element of the marketing mix to generate revenues.

Product distribution is a critically important function of Hilton International.

Impact of Technology on the Travel Agency Business

In addition, family and friends can also use online systems to track the arrival of their guests. Systems in recent decades The changes over the years have forced the industry to use computers which have been used for over 50 years ago.

It can also monitor hotel performance through the development and processing of guest questionnaires. Rooming lists, arrivals, stay-overs, extended stays, departures and room preferences can all be handled by room-management systems.

If we talk about transport, airplanes can help us reach the places that are unable to go on foot. All the bookings seen done at a travel agents are at a desk through a computer with ease and speed.

There are two principal areas in which information technologies are helping hotels to improve their communications in their internal inter-departmental communications and in their external links with agents, suppliers, reservation systems and data networks.

Senior management of the hotel chain must drive the process which determines the extent and direction of business re-engineering and take responsibility for the implementation of the plan. Driver claims that the use of the Internet by airlines to communicate information is becoming prevalent.

Cell phones can save lives or detonate bombs; air conditioning units serve to make life bearable in hot climates, but also pollute the atmosphere and can be carriers of disease. The traditional travel agency will doubtlessly see further evolution as technology continues to advance -- but as long as demand for packaged travel remains, there will still be a place for travel agencies both online and off.

In addition, the database can generate forecasts on expected arrivals, departures and rooms sold. The future for computers in tourism Tourism and its companies continue to develop the ways in which it uses technology, in particular computers, to make holidays more affordable and easier to organize and no doubt will continue to do so to meet demand.

Finally, the last variable to take into account is innovation. Travel websites that allow travelers to find the best deals, self-guided tour audio apps and real-time updates on flight times and arrivals are now standard travel tools, accessible to both travel professionals and consumers alike.

On the other hand, technology's growth has allowed worldwide terrorism to attack the tourism industry. Most of us are now used to being almost harassed with on-line surveys or computer driven telephone calls. Travel Websites and Apps There is a plethora of online travel sites and apps, which can be used for many different purposes: There is no doubt that technology plays an important role in tourism and travel.real evidence of the positive impact of ICT on market share in the tourism industry.

Jun 29,  · 1 Impact of Technology on the Travel Agency Business; computer reservation systems revolutionized the travel and hospitality industry. Lainie.

ICT impact on tourism industry

"Technology Used in Hospitality & Tourism. The Role of ICT in Tourism Industry 70 JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS, VOL.1, ISSUE 4 – D ECEMBER,PP.

What Are Uses Of Computer In Tourism?

importantly, value for time. This impact is underlined by statistical evidence (World Travel and Tourism Council, ; World Tourism Organisation, ) demonstrating the significance of tourism in terms of GDP, employment and economic development. Contents Introduction .

2 Current ICT applications in the Tourism & Hospitality industry . 3 The effect of ICT applications on the Tourism & Hospitality industry . 5 The Changing ICT Evnironment and the Tourism Industry .

7 Introduction As with almost every industry, ICT applications have an enormous impact on the Tourism and Hospitality industry. The Role of ICT in Tourism Industry 70 JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS, VOL.1, ISSUE 4 – D ECEMBER,PP.

importantly, value for time.

Impact of computer in tourism
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