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Poetic devices in the poem the main feature is that this poem is written in free verse. On one hand, it is said that creative people are more sensitive and concerned while, on the other hand, it is argued that they must confine themselves to writing about themselves or their inner feelings.

She expresses this concern in her poem, Asin Burian We Loko, which is a touching focus on the plight of women in the present male-dominated society. To let her fragrance emanate permeating others life with meaning.

It is to poets like Mayo Angelou and Kishwar Naheed that give us a sense of how women were treated and how times have changed for the better. That was the moment when Kishwar Naheed says she stopped being just a child and became a girl child.

The theme of Commodification is also very clear in the poem. She moved to Pakistan during the partition of sub-continent in This gives the poem a bit of authority at the start.

The way Seitlhamo Motsapi has written this poem is as if the reader is there and can feel the pain the lack people went through.

”I Am Not That Women” by Kishwar Naheed and ”Women Work” by Mayo Angelou Essay Sample

This stanza reveals quite a lot about the women and her daily life, but this stanza is different to the others.

Andif speaks with a lot of anger that the people are being oppressed. I am the one you married off To get rid of a burden Not knowing That a nation of captive minds Cannot be free.

Some Muslim girls who belonged to Bulandshahr were kidnapped during the Partition riots. It is fine that we should write about our inner feelings but when Malala [Yousafzai] was shot or girl schools in Swat were being razed to the ground, it was my inner feeling that I wrote about.

The poem in its flow gives out a complete message termed as Reification. Her written work, spanning for more than four decades, chronicles her experiences as a woman writer engaged in the creative and civic arenas, even as she has dealt with personal, social, and official backlashes.

His opinion is that what is happening is totally wrong and should happen.

GCSE English Essay - I am not that woman and still I Rise comparison

This word is used here in connection with smothering the voice of the girl. More essays like this: She in her own ways through her poetry protested against the authorities and the baseless laws passed out under the Zia regime. This builds up a feeling of repition, tediousness and routine.

This is a sing song effect to make this easy to read, as there is no time for detail with the amount of work she has to do, this stanza also includes rhyming couplets again to make it an easy read.

Stanza four is different to any of the other stanzas, the poet is now addressing a different man, her father. Some were known to her family and she accompanied her mother and sisters to go see them.) Kishwar suggests that women do not have self respect. This is evident in “The woman on the poster half naked.

” Naheed is commenting on how men view women as objects or for sexual pleasure.

I Am Not that Women, Poem by Kishwar Naheed: Summary

Anantharam, Anita (). Engendering the Nation: Women, Islam, and Poetry in agronumericus.coml of International Engendering the Nation: Women, Islam, and Poetry in Pakistan Anita Anantharam1 Abstract In this essay I offer some examples of reading feminist agency in Pakistan Fahmida Riaz (b) and Kishwar Naheed (b).

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Kishwar NaheedBorn:Bulandshahr, British India. Summary of ‘I Am Not that Women’ (Essay) The poem’s ‘I am not that women’ by Kishwar Naheed and ‘women work’ by Mayo Angelou show the struggles of two black women from different cultures. ”I Am Not That Women” by Kishwar Naheed and ”Women Work” by Mayo Angelou Essay Sample.

The poem’s ‘I am not that women’ by Kishwar Naheed and ‘women work’ by mayo Angelou show the struggles of two black women from different cultures.

Compare and contrast the two women’s experiences.

Kishwar Naheed

Kishwar Naheed is also a highly educated, successful woman who takes on the customs and traditions of her Asian background. This poem ‘I am not that women’ tells of the difficulties that a particular women faces in her struggle against a male dominated society (patriarchal).

Kishwar naheed essay
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