Outreach program

What Services Do We Provide? Department of Chemistry, UT Austin The H2fromH2O outreach program is designed to educate high school chemistry students and middle school science students about the possibility of generating a renewable resource hydrogen fuel - H2 from one of the simplest molecules on Earth - water H2O.

OUTREACH's service model is unique because it combines human service values with a transportation system that incorporates cutting-edge technologies and custom software solutions to increase program efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The goal of the program is to provide the opportunity for young students to cultivate their interest in science and allow them to experience first-hand what a scientist does on a daily basis.

These committees work to identify where potential athletes can be contacted, access local resources and make contacts with schools, agencies, and organizations. SOTX includes a continuum of programs that provide for athletes of all ability levels: We bring most of our services directly to you.

Department of Chemistry, UT Austin The program, that goes into schools and elsewhere in the Austin community, makes chemistry come alive and fosters interest in learning and discovery for students of all ages by participation in hands-on activities.

NEMT Transportation Non-Emergency Medical Transportation for individuals with disabilities who are unable to use the public transit bus and light-rail systems some or all of the time.

Youth Outreach Programs

How You Can Help Participate in your area outreach committee. Instructors will teach concepts and ideas as needed by each group. In Part 2, students will take what was done in Part 1 and expand upon it.

From star parties to radio programs to blogs, The University of Texas at Austin and our broader community have much to offer.

Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Algebra I Readiness Dates offered: Go to the Georgia Tech Admissions Office website. Aspects of electrical engineering are introduced in a hands-on manner. Additive manufacturing has been used to develop technological marvels such as medical implants and even airplane wings.

This ensures that your students have the best experience possible during our visit!

Outreach Program

Department of Computer Science UT Austin students go to middle school and high school classrooms to excite students about computer science.

Stress that Special Olympics Texas is for people with intellectual disabilities and closely related developmental disabilities. They will be working with Finch Robots, Raspberry Pi, arduinos, binary code, and cryptography. Every Tuesday the group convenes and once the music starts pumping the group of yr olds can been seen mimicking the experienced instructors in a variety of twists and turns, tapping and clapping.

Introduction The Astronomical League has been highly successful motivating League club Outreach program society members to not only get out and observe, but to also record and submit their observations for appropriate recognition.

They are encouraged to solve these problems both as individuals and in groups. Be sure and double check the website for current schedule and locations.A federal government website managed and paid for by the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD Nov 24,  · Each year, we have ‘mission outreach Sunday’ or Mission Festival to invite community members to come and work with us, even to the point of environment and exercise programs.

This is the key to belonging in our quickly-changing neighborhood. Outreach Program Mission The Ambulatory Care Network (ACN)-Outreach Program’s mission is to promote health and disease prevention by engaging in educational and screening activities that provide benefits of early detection and intervention; and to ensure that people in the community have a reliable source of medical care.

This outreach program from the Department of Physics connects high school girls with opportunities to learn about concepts and careers in physics.

First Bytes (Host: Computer Science Department, UT Austin) A one-week summer residential program on campus serving high school girls interested in computer science. Outreach Program. The aim of the Outreach Program at the Illinois ERC is to serve as a regional information resource to enhance health and safety within other academic institutions, government agencies, professional and trade associations, labor unions, and advocacy groups by providing curricula, technical assistance, and consultation.

Outreach Education The Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences recognizes the need and takes seriously its responsibility to share our understanding of the Earth with the greater community. Consequently, we offer programs for K students and their teachers.

Outreach Program

We aim to bring a basic knowledge of Earth, energy and environmental sciences to as many people as possible.

Outreach program
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