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The Indian Ocean trade route becomes more prosperous as a result of the collapse of classical empires in Rome and China, which had helped secure the overland trade routes.

Society was patriarchal and there were few rights for women. Changing its pattern of relations, the Silk Road was affected by the Black Plague and new religious ideologies, but continued to trade luxurious goods and fulfill its original purpose.

Today, giant statues of Buddhist icons can be seen where the Silk Road once was. I used this source to find information about the Bubonic Plague and how it got spread to different societies by the Silk Road.

Changes and Continuities on the Silk Road

Populations in both Asia and Europe decreased immensely. Fast-ripening rice from Champa Vietnam doubled rice production, and trade along the completed Grand Canal connected the northern and southern areas of China.

Arabic was the language used for trade and government. The Song de-emphasized the military and instead focused on creating a scholar-based government. After the fall of Rome, they traveled east and diffused the religion.

For the most part, trade commodities stayed the same on the Silk Road throughout the years, in that luxurious goods continued to be sent from Asia. They sent a massive naval expedition to establish tribute states and impress foreigners.

Ccot: the Silk Road

The Incas conquered a large area and absorbed many tribes into their empire. When the Mongols gained control they over took the government however they only took control of the positions in the Chinese system. Socially, people could move up through military service, but this was rare.

CCOT China from 600-1450 Essay Sample

Gun powder had a very big impact on Western Europe. Silk road ccot were in charge of the government and the Chinese were consciously separated from the Mongols.

Europe would never have guns and Islam would have never become a world religion. These expeditions were led by Zheng He, a Muslim eunuch who led ships with 28, troops. The Silk Road was pioneered during Han China. While trading, diseases are also exchanged to societies that are not immune to it, which eventually evolves into epidemics.

In the Chinese lands fromthe presence of the Mongols and their dominance in China was shown; however they were culturally captivated and kept governmental systems.

Europe sent cloth and wool items, Western literature, science, and innovation. I used this source to find information about silk and how it contributed to trade on the Silk Road. The Silk Road helped gunpowder get to the Europeans and this ended the era of nomadic herders due to the technological advancements of settled societies.

Mongol dbq essay meaning Mongol dbq essay meaning topspec lite analysis essay wiederholte zueignung beispiel essay. The Silk Road maintained much continuity and also, changed throughout time.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Christianity was similarly making headway Western Europe, as the collapse of the Roman Empire led to chaos and disruption. In addition to religion, products were shared along the Silk Road. The Southern Song established a capital at Hangzhou, where commerce grew.The Silk Road was a network of trading routes, involving the passing of goods to people from city to city.

Many changes occurred along the Silk Road from B.C.E. to C.E. that would forever change societies including the change in major religions and the social hierarchies of many cities. Analyze continuities and changes in patterns of interactions along the Silk Roads from B.C.E.

to C.E. Make a timeline for the given chronology: o Find the beginning, middle, and end of the period and significant events, processes that would have caused change/continuity, as it.

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by Posted on 21/11/ Le fait majoritaire dissertation thomas carlyle heroes and hero worship analysis essay pho essay personal past experience essays mormon essays heavenly mother korea area 51 research essay thesis l2 spezion proquest digital. CCOT During B.C.E. to B.C.E.

the interaction along the Silk Roads continued in the amount of people that were trading along it and how the Silk Road is where people had traded mainly traded their luxurious goods but, it had changed by the Mongols who had come in and they made the Silk Road safer for everyone to trade.

Sabrina Eierle CCOT Essay The Silk Roads were created when classical empires were established, and the scope of long distance trade expanded, connecting much of Eurasia. Throughout the Classical and post-Classical periods, the Silk Roads provided a way for not only goods to be introduced to new lands, but also ideas, religions and technology.

Silk Road Ccot 1 CCOT Rewrite A bridge between different lands from the year BCE to CE, the Silk Roads experienced many patterns of interaction.

Silk road ccot
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