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His was only the most successful of the many attempts made by the Turks from the northwest to obtain a foothold in Hindustan all of which may therefore be regarded as preliminaries to Tarain. Stunned by his blow, Muhammad Ghori turned back and began to bleed.

More importantly, Ghori had spent the time carefully planning his campaign and his tactics proved a major winner in war. When the enemy collected his forces to attack, they were to support each other and to charge at full speed. One would believe that for staying away from Tarain he must have been justly rewarded by Mohammed Ghori, the new ruler of Delhi.


The author of the Habib-us-Siyar relates, contrary to all my other authorities, that when Ghori was wounded, he fell from his horse, and lay upon the field among the slain till night. Seeing which a brave young Khilji recognized him, sprang up behind him, and supporting him in his arms, and brought him out of the battle field.

The horses were afraid of them, and this was an element of disaster. In mockery of the mercy he had received the previous year, Ghori had his enemy tortured and killed.

But the darkness of unbelief did not rise from the heart of Prithviraj, who was a second Abu Jahl; on the contrary, he even encouraged the followers of the holy Khwaja to evil practices, till the holy man uttered a curse against that unbeliever.

As many as Rajput Princes fought on the side of Prithvi Raj. The death of Prithviraj Chauhan marked the beginning of the Delhi Sultanate. Next in line was Kannauj itself! If you're not yet convinced, here's more-each product that we offer comes with a low price guarantee. He encamped once again near Tarain.

Railway enquiry counters at railway station 4. All the numerous subsequent attacks were merely consequences of the over-whelming defeat of the Hindu league on the historic plain to the North of Delhi".

Battles of Tarain

Thus the battle raged from forenoon to afternoon, when Mu'izzuddin put on his helmet and armour and charged the enemy at the head of twelve thousand men with drawn swords and lances. Regarding, fate of Prthiviraj after second battle, two stories emerge.

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PNR number on ticket PNR number is usually printed at the top left corner of the tickets that are available at the railway station booking window. In response, the Rajput leader Prithviraj Chauhan raised a massive army from his own and neighboring realms.

Minhaj-us-Siraj has given the following account of the second battle of Tarain: Do not miss him now, Chauhan. He was also helped by his fellow Rajput Princes. Howard has been writing about religious sites for the better part of the last decade, and The Complete Pilgrim is a culmination of years of his work and passion.

Tajul-Ma'asir of Hasan Nizami: When he reached Lahore, he sent his envoy to Prithviraj to demand his submission, but the Chauhan ruler refused to comply.The Second battle of Tarain is a brilliant example of how superior generalship, battle tactics and equipment mow down even the bravest of opponents.


A year before, Shihabddin Ghori, also known as Muhammad of Ghor, was beaten in the first battle of. The Battles of Tarain, also known as the Battles of Taraori, were fought in and near the town of Tarain (Taraori), near Thanesar in present-day Haryana, approximately kilometres north of Delhi, India, between a Ghurid force led by Sultan Shahabuddin Muhammad Ghauri and a Chauhan.

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Battles of Taraori, Taraori also spelled Tarain, (), series of engagements that opened all of north India to Muslim control. The battles were fought between Muʿizz al-Dīn Muḥammad ibn Sām of Ghūr and Prithviraja III, the Chauhan (Chahamana) Rajput ruler of Ajmer and Delhi.

The battlefield.

To the tarain
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