Violence against women in the middle

Jordan also made great strides confronting chauvinistic statutes, when the lower house of parliament removed a similar penal code to that of Tunisia that made rape permissible through marriage.

Yet, Lebanon too is not immune to violence against women.

Crimes against Humanity:

Lebanon prides itself with a strong education system and centuries of western influence, both culturally but also into its constitution.

According to a UN report, It also encompasses the threat to commit such acts or to deprive her of freedom, and whether this takes place within or outside the family home. Her shock and horror led her to believe that if she covered herself she would be protected from sexual harassment.

Eltahawy aptly points out, however, that it is men who seem to have the uncontrollable urge to harass and molest women in the streets, not the other way around.

Because personal status laws tend to be based on sharia in these countries, women often face difficulties having charges brought against their Violence against women in the middle.

President Obama signed into law the VAWA ofwhich granted Native American tribes the ability to prosecute non-Native offenders, and regulated reports of sexual assault on college campuses. Mariam joined the YWCA as a volunteer a year ago. In almost all countries with available data, the percentage of women who sought police help, out of all women who sought assistance, was less than 10 per cent.

These gains for women in the region are the result of decades of protests and activism. But it is here that they often face the most danger. The Middle East needs to confront the issues of "sexual freedom, shame, and honor" and end what she calls an alliance of oppression between the state and the street.

Eltahawy describes the horrifying reality in the Middle East, where rape victims are often more stigmatized than rapists, and where women can be punished as "fornicators" under the zina, the part of Islamic law that has to do with unlawful sexual intercourse.

But the issue of veiling in the Muslim world often overshadows the far more serious problems of harassment, rape, and domestic abuse. I have minutes to read today: Honor killing is associated with the Middle East and South Asia.

Different civil and religious views, tensions and convictions are the source of all types of social violence that often start at home, in particular against women such as social, emotional, sexual, family, to name but a few.

Violence against women often keeps women from wholly contributing to social, economic, and political development of their communities. Violence against women harms families and communities across generations and reinforces other violence prevalent in society. One of the country's first domestic violence shelters opened in Maine.

Mariam is a registered pharmacist and she is a Medical Affairs Coordinator in a drug company. However, attitudes towards violence are beginning to change. Violence against woman is a taboo topic in the Middle East, a region where family and social appearances are a fundamental part of the society.

However, attitudes towards violence are beginning to change.

Rates of Rape and Sexual Violence High in Middle East

A manner to establish security to these women there should a rearrangement of their rules, mostly in countries regulated by The Koran, even though it says women shall with justice have rights similar to those exercised against them, although men have a status above women never said they have rights to perpetrate violence against them.

This brings Eltahawy to one of her central points, which is that the Middle Eastern world is obsessed with virginity: President Bush signed into law the VAWA ofwith an emphasis on programs to address violence against youth victims, and establishing programs for Engaging Men and Youth, and Culturally and Linguistically Specific Services.

Attending the ITI will allow me to to share the experience with my peers and to widen my knowledge of new tools to implement effective solutions to solve the problems in our community. The Middle East needs to confront the issues of "sexual freedom, shame, and honor" and end what she calls an alliance of oppression between the state and the street.

Burning witches, with others held in Stocks Sati a Hindu practice whereby a widow immolates herself on the funeral pyre of her husband ceremony. At one moment Eltahawy will point to Islam specifically, while at others she claims that Muslims, Christians and atheists all treat women abhorrently in the Middle East, seeming to make an argument that the fault lies with the culture at large, not the religion.

The roots of violence against women lie in persistent discrimination against women and girls cause up to 70 per cent of women experience violence in their lifetime, according to country data available. These studies show that one of the best predictors of inter- and intranational violence is the maltreatment of women in the society.

More than million girls and women alive today have been subjected to female genital mutilation across countries in Africa and the Middle East where this specific form of violence against women is concentrated.

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Such violence can lead to long-term physical, mental and emotional health problems. Perhaps most upsetting is the prevalence of rape victims who are persuaded to marry their rapist.

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Today she sees this logic for what it is: In this way, women are pushed from public spaces into the home, allegedly for their own protection.

In the majority of countries, less than 40 per cent of the women who experienced violence sought help of any sort. She calls for Muslim and Christian societies to break with tradition when it comes to virginity and pre-marital sex, glossing over the fact that women in Christian societies are rarely killed by their male relatives for becoming sexually active before marriage.

According to a UN report, To start a sexual revolution and overthrow the patriarchy that exists in the home, streets, and minds, women must share their personal stories. Women and girls who experience violence suffer a range of health problems and their ability to participate in public life is diminished.Violence and the Law in Medieval England.

A common perception of the Middle Ages is that society was brutalized by constant violence and even partly desensitized against death by the persistent presence of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse constantly trampling their way back and forth across Europe.

Violence Against Women in Lebanon: A Debate That’s Not Going Away

In Decembera report by the Gaza-based Palestinian Women’s Information and Media Center (PWIC) noted an upsurge in violence against women since Israel imposed an economic blockade on the Gaza Strip in Juneafter Hamas became the de.

Violence against women: an EU-wide survey, p. [11] Promundo and UN Women () Understanding Masculinities: Results from the International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES) – Middle East and North Africa, p. In a broader context, structural relationships of inequalities in politics, religion, media and discriminatory cultural norms perpetuate violence against girls and women.

Violence against women is a global problem and not limited to a specific group of women in society. The Truth About Women in the Middle East women often face difficulties having charges brought against their spouses.

At the time of this writing, only Jordan, Mauritania, and Tunisia have laws. Prevalence declines with age but still persists among older women. In the most extreme cases, violence against women can lead to death; around two thirds of victims of intimate partner or familyrelated homicides are women.

Violence against women in the middle
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